Our Policies


We recommend placing orders one week in advance. Occasionally, orders placed by 7 PM EST for delivery/pickup may be available the next day or later, except the following:

  • For orders of 5 - 10 dozen cupcakes, we require a 48-hour notice.
  • For orders of more than 10 dozen cupcakes, we require 1-week notice.



Orders of $90 or more qualify for free Boston-area delivery.

Our listed delivery fee is for a one-time delivery to one location. Once you select the date and time of delivery, we will confirm a 1-hour window with you. We will contact you via text or phone once we arrive. If you are not available to receive your order, we will use our discretion in determining whether the order will be left (for instance we will not leave orders outside if the temperature is higher than 70 degrees, or if the orders contain cream cheese frosting or fruit filling). 

We can attempt a second delivery for a re-delivery fee. This fee must be paid and the re-delivery scheduled within 24 hours of the initial scheduled delivery date/time. After the 24-hour window, if the order cannot be delivered (or picked up), it will be donated to a local nonprofit organization and no refund will be given.



Once a pick-up time is selected, we will confirm a 1-hour window with you. If you cannot pick up your order within that window, please contact us prior to the pick-up time to re-schedule. We will hold the order for up to 24 hours after the original pick-up time unless the pick-up date is a Saturday or another day before we are closed, i.e. a major holiday (in that case the order must be picked up by close of business). After the 24-hour window, the order will be donated to a local nonprofit organization and no refund will be given.



Order cancellations requested at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up/delivery are eligible for a 95% refund unless otherwise stated (i.e. large/corporate orders or custom orders).

Changes to orders must be requested at least 24 hours prior to scheduled pick-up/delivery unless otherwise noted (i.e. custom or large orders, which must be confirmed no later than 1 week prior to scheduled pickup/delivery). Changes requested after this time will be accommodated if possible, but cannot be guaranteed.                 



Orders will be filled exactly as purchased. The notes section can be used for additional information (i.e. allergens, delivery instructions, or a short note to the gift recipient), but we cannot make any modifications to orders based on requests in that section.